Pranayama For Spiritual Benefits


In the case of Pranayama also , your sincerity and intensity determine its success and not the duration or the number of times of your Pranayama. Just three Pranayama  (3 cycles of deep breathing) when properly done are sufficient for inner purification, these three Pranayamas represent

1. the resolve tread the path  of truth  and  Righteousness during  morning , noon and night,

2. the  firm pledge to  develop or cultivate sincerity  and self -confidence and to find joy in sadhana ( in the present and future),

3. the intense prayer strengthened by devotion , faith and longing for God during the three states of wakefulness, dream and deep sleep.

4. the resolve to acquire divine virtues like love , patience , forgiveness, devotion to duty and unselfishness,

5. the thankfulness for the the divine gifts of air , water and light . the spiritual aspirant derives strength  from these divine elements and tries to repay his debt by  doing Sadhana for the welfare of the whole world. Pranayama helps the aspirant in this noble endeavour,

6. the harmonious blending of the three divine attitudes viz., the feeling of blessedness or fulfilment, the attitude of a child and the attitude of a servant.

At the beginning of the day, there is this mood of blessedness- I am blessed indeed as I have an all- compassionate savior and guide in you. You are forgiving all my mistakes every moment and with loving care and concern you are leading me by hand “. During the day, at the time of work, there is this attitude of child – ‘You are protecting me as a loving father or mother. You are all- loving, guiding and guarding me all the time’. At the end of the day the attitude of a servant must find expression. ‘My Master! My Lord! I must certainly see you. You, the embodiment of infinite patience, are guiding all my activities’. Thus the three Pranayamas represent the confluence or the blending of three divine attitudes.

Today there are some people who in the name of Yoga practice Pranayama to attain control or mastery over the bodily process. For them Pranayama is a kind of physical exercise or drill. This cannot be considered as a genuine type of Sadhana or spiritual practice as it neglects God who is the very goal and objective of Pranayama.  Meditating on God who is the supreme lord of Praná or the vital force and His infinite glories is the most important feature of Pranayama. True Pranayama gives a new boost to the Prana or the life -force of the body .It may be true that one’s physical health may be improve of Pranayama is practiced as a physical exercise .But that can never give you eternal bliss. On the contrary, a fine physique may lead to vanity and pride which are detrimental to spiritual growth.

When give an injection, the medicine reaches every cell in the body through circulation .In the same way when you consciously breathe in positive thoughts, they reach each and every cell in the body and activate the entire psychosomatic system. These thought vibrations have the power to affect and transform the entire body -mind complex.

This is the reason why Pranayama is such a powerful medium to rouse the innate divinity which is lying dormant. Just as a noble king responds quickly and promptly to the united plea of his subjects, God too responds or answers quickly when each and every cell in the body pulsates with divine thought current. Therefore, you are sure to receive divine grace if Pranayama is done properly. God showers His special grace on those Sadhakas who do Pranayama with utmost faith, devotion and self-surrender. God’s grace leads to inner bliss and the Sadhaka experiences a fresh vigor, extra strength and enthusiasm. Divine grace transforms man into a divine being. So, for the Pranayama and Japa-Tapa to be highly successful, unswerving devotion, unflinching faith and intense longing or aspirations for God are of paramount importance.


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Correct Techinque Of Pranayama To Reap Maximum Spiritual Benefits

Pranayama method – Through vivid imagination and feeling, you must make Pranayama dynamic and conscious.

‘I am always yours, please shower your grace and protect me’, – with this prayer inhale deeply through the right nostril by closing the left one with your right forefinger. Read the rest of this entry »

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Appropriate Pranayama Time To Derive Maximum benefits.

The morning Pranayama is a harbinger of a day full of activities, nay, good and noble activities. The evening Pranayama is an appropriate valedictory for the noble activities of the daytime.  Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Spiritualize Pranayama? – A New Dimension

Pranayama : A New Dimension – Sri Guruji

Pranayama is the age-old practice of Indian spiritual system of Yoga. Is it confined to mere physical health? Does it have anything to do with spiritual progress? Is it merely a breathing exercise? How to spiritualize an otherwise ordinary breathing exercise? What is the spiritual genesis of Pranayama? Sri Guruji sheds light on all these matters. Read the rest of this entry »

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Yearning – Passport To The Heaven Of Bliss

A detergent removes dirt, kerosene oil can dissolve tar, benzene can dissolve sulphur. This is a well known fact. But is there any solvent or liquid that can dissolve Sanchita Karma or past Karma? Yes, there is. Tears of Vyakulata or intense yearning for God can remove the dirt of Sanchita Karma. Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Sit For Meditation? – Mental And Physical Preparation

How to prepare for Japa?

This human body is divine as God dwells within. So it can always receive and respond to divine vibrations which can easily penetrate the body and rouse the inner divinity.

So, before starting Japa, think about the shower of divine grace. Stroll for a while where there is natural scenic beauty. Then either take a refreshing bath or wash your hands, feet and face thoroughly.

You may recite Sri Rama Raksha Stotram or hum devotional songs while performing these ablutions. This prepares your mind to find joy in the repetition of divine name. After ablutions, you should not start reading newspapers but proceed straightaway to do Japa with a clean body and mind. You must not allow your mind to wander about, thinking of distracting worldly things.

Is it necessary to sit in wet clothes for Japa?

Some people sit for Japa in wet clothes and start shivering.  Then their attention is diverted towards the body instead of God.

It is your mind which must get soaked in love and devotion. There is no need to sit in wet clothes.

Reflect on the perfect purity of God.

Put on clean clothes and get ready for doing Japa. Keep either the image or the picture of your Ishtadevata (Chosen Ideal) in front of you at the eye level. Keep the altar neat and clean. Offer at least one fully bloomed flower to your Ishtadevata with a prayer for inner enlightenment. Read the rest of this entry »

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Things To Do Before Spiritual Practice – What Is The Best Time For Japa?

God is protecting you lovingly round the clock. You should express your gratefulness to Him by devoting at least 24 minutes for Japa – Tapa out of 24 hours. It is a token of your gratitude to God for His unconditional grace. A calm and quiet atmosphere is best suited for this purpose. The mind gets automatically dawn inwards when external distractions and temptations subside. Divine beings visit the earth every evening at dusk and depart at dawn. These illumined souls shower their special grace on those who are engaged in Sadhana (spiritual practice). Nature remains very quiet and serene in the early hours of the morning when the hustle and bustle of the world have not yet started and at night when the world is taking rest after the din of the day. The whole atmosphere is charged with powerful divine vibrations during this period and there is a kind of joy, freshness and enthusiasm everywhere. This is the reason why sunrise and sunset are so elevating and rejuvenating. Birds are more sensitive than man in this respect and so they respond quickly by chirping with great joy. So, you will benefit by these favourable conditions, if you become Sadhana oriented. Similarly, midnight with its profound silence is also most suitable for Japa-Tapa. Read the rest of this entry »

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